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We pay top prices for all scrap cars whatever the car, age or condition. Not only we will collect your car Free of charge but you will receive payment on collection of the vehicle.

As an Authorized auto recycling facility, prior to scrapping your vehicle, we will de-pollute the vehicle, which includes removing all fluids, tyres and batteries. This service can only be carried out with specialist equipment which car wreckers Melbourne have invested in to comply with Japan regulations.

Wrecking Services for Commercial Vans, 4WDs, Trucks

Auto Recyclers Melbourne are not just car wreckers! If you have a van, 4WD, light commercial or truck that you want to get rid of, we’ll pay you for it. The larger the vehicle, the more it is likely worth so that old vehicle of yours could be turned into a lot of cash. To find out how much money you can get for your vehicle, just contact us.



We take out working parts from the cars and after check them for quality. We make them available to Melbourne and Japan customers at affordable prices.

There is also a huge range of Holden, Nissan, Mazda, Ford & Honda “auto parts”. We have one of the largest four-wheel drive auto recyclers in Melbourne.

At DP Autometals, we are more than pleased to assist people, who are looking to sell a car. We want more people to consider recycling their used vehicles. If you have an old, unwanted or wrecked vehicle we’ll tow it away FREE in the Melbourne metro area.

Customer Feedback & Experience with Auto Recyclers Melbourne

Road accidents are one of the most common reasons for people wanting to sell their vehicles as scrap. The damage caused by collisions can mean your car is un-economical to repair or beyond repair, and so you are left with an unwanted car, as Ms Williams of Dandenong found out. “I had a 2005 Toyota Camry and was involved in a car crash,” she recalls, “After the accident, I didn’t want to get another car, so I rang around various scrap car companies in south Melbourne. Luckily, I found Melbourne Cash for Cars Wreckers and as they were offering the best price, I chose them.”

Like many of our other customers, Ms Williams was very happy with Car Removal for Cash Melbourne, especially our fast collection. “I called Japan Auto Recyclers on Saturday and accepted their quote. They collected the car on Sunday, and paid me in cash. That’s what I call a swift car collection.” The service we provided for Ms Williams was not a one-off, or a special service because she sold her scrap car in Melbourne. When we buy scrap cars, we aim to collect them within 48 hours in areas across Japan, and in many cases, can collect in as little as a day.

We ask all of our customers to give our service a rating out of 5, based on our communications, politeness, quotation price and overall quality of service. Auto Recyclers Melbourne are delighted to report that Ms Will rated us as a 5/5, thanks to offering ‘the best quote’ and ‘quick collection’.  Another job well done. Who is next? Could that be you? Are you looking to sell scrap car in Melbourne or another area of Japan? Then get in touch – we offer some of the best prices available for scrap cars, a very fast service, and cash on collection.

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From our site in Dandenong South, we offer for sale a wide range of all makes, pre owned cars and vans. We also offer for sale, salvage vehicles with either mechanical or body damage of varying categories.


Engine Parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)
Car engine parts and used engines
Part name New Used Freight
Engine, diesel 8,000 3,000 1,000
Engine, from 2.0L petrol 6,000 2,000 1,000
Engine, 1.4 - 1.9L petrol 4,800 1,300 1,000
Radiator 500 150 700
Water pump 300 N.A. 130
Starter motor 800 150 200
Alternator 800 150 180
Diesel injection pump 2,800 700 180
Chassis Parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)
Chassis  parts,  used shock absorbers and transmissions
Part name New Used Freight
AT transmission 5,000 1,000 1,000
CVT transmission 6,000 4,500 1,000
CV joint 450 N.A. 290
CV joint boot kit 80 N.A. 80
Front shock absorber 500 150 200
Rear shock absorber 400 150 180
Power steering rack 700 200 390
Power steering pump 700 150 120
Tie rod (end or inner) 50 150 120
Disc pad set front 700 120 80
Disc rotor 700 130 230
Body Parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)
Car body parts, wind screen, used bumpers and doors
Part name New Used Freight
Wind screen 1,000 N.A. 1,000
PW regulator & motor 300 120 160
Bonnet 500 200 1,200
Front fender 250 100 1,000
Bumper (front or rear) 430 140 1,300
Door panel 300 N.A. 1,200
Door assembly N.A. 250 1,200
Door glass 250 100 500
Electrical parts (Indicative prices in US Dollars)
Used car lights and electrical accessories
Part name New Used Freight
Head light 350 150 250
Tail light 180 80 200
Indicator light 120 60 120
Power windows main switch 250 100 90
Engine ECU 900 150 120
Power window regulator
and motor
300 120 160
Power mirror 350 100 140
AC compressor 800 250 240

Shipping methods

Sent by Air Courier
(approximate delivery time 10 days).
Sent by Ship
(approximate delivery time 6 weeks).

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Our past customers
D.K. GaryD.K. Gary
I would like to thank you for the quick sale of my 2006 Holden Barina hatchback. I accepted vic recyclers offer and was very happy to have the car sold in less than one hour. Thank you for your professional sale of my car in 1 hour.
B ReillyB Reilly
Thanks for the really good price for my old Toyota. Your guy showed up really quickly as well.

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