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Make sure you use a reliable, reputable Car Removal Tokyo company when you decide to get rid of your vehicle for cash.

Car Removal

When your car is beyond repair, the question many people ask is: what do I do with it? Many Tokyo residents simply don’t know what to do with an unwanted vehicle. Whilst most people seek out how to dispose of their car in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner, the actions of others has meant Car Removal has posed a real problem.

But auto wrecking process has changed significantly in recent years, largely due to the internet and shifts in legislation. Today, if you need to send your car to a Tokyo car wreckers yard there are plenty of options.

The good news is that the days when drivers had to trawl round dodgy car breaking yards are over. Now just pop “car removal Tokyo” into Google search and up comes dozens of companies that promise to collect your car within days – and pay you as well.

How to Find Best Car Removal in Tokyo?

All the car scrapping sites that came up on Google search allow you to enter your car registration and came back with quotes for how much they would pay you. The range was between $150-$400 if I took the car to the yard, or $100 or so less if I wanted it collected from home.

Which sites should you trust? Under Japan state directive, the car manufacturers are ultimately responsible for ensuring vehicles are recycled properly, and that cars can be disposed of for free.

The added bonus is that you get a bit of money in your pocket for your scrap car that would otherwise be totally worthless to you! In order to scrap a car for cash all you need to do is fill out the form on the right – We’ll tell you straight away how much we could pay for your scrap car disposal. You can then arrange a convenient time for Car Removal to pick up your scrap car up from you, and we’ll pay you in cash when we do so. It’s that simple!

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It’s really important that you use a reputable car scrapping company like Japan Auto Recyclers when you decide you no longer want your old car. If your car doesn’t go to an auto dismantlers registered company, you won’t have the necessary paperwork to inform the Vic Roads that your car is off the road and has been scrapped. This can lead to lots of problems further down the line – and you may still be held liable for your old car, even though you no longer own it.

We Guarantee Your Price and Payment

Take the risk out of recycling your car and use a reputable company.

No Charges, No Hidden Costs, No Surprises

We do what we say on the tin and were here to help and assist you.

We have a passion to deliver a perfect service

We put you in control so you really can, sit back and relax.

Car Removal Tokyo in Nutshell

If you have an old car cluttering up your driveway, a broken down old vehicle that you just want to get rid of,
call Car Body Removals. We’ll organize a suitable day and time with you, come round, and give you cash on the spot for that old vehicle.

One of our main aims is to look after the environment by getting rid of all the old cars off people’s property, whether going or not, cannot get another warrant, have had an accident, or just lying around rusting away.

By calling 0409526398 you will be able to book that unwanted vehicle to be picked up. If the vehicle is still complete Car Removal Tokyo will pay you top cash to remove it for you.

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D.K. GaryD.K. Gary
I would like to thank you for the quick sale of my 2006 Holden Barina hatchback. I accepted DP Autometals offer and was very happy to have the car sold in less than one hour. Thank you for your professional sale of my car in 1 hour.
B ReillyB Reilly
Thanks for the really good price for my old Toyota. Your guy showed up really quickly as well.

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